January 5, 2016

Skills Social Media Managers Will Need in 2016

A new year shouldn’t only mean a look back at what you accomplished; you also need to look forward to what you hope to achieve. As businesses break down their social media plans for 2016, they’re inevitably going to take a hard look at the social media leaders within the company.
As social media professionals (existing, or hopeful), we need to know more about where social media is heading in 2016 than anyone else in our businesses. We need to be able to offer insight on new trends, provide plans on how our brands can capitalize on them, and then actually be able to execute. There are certain skills that social media managers need in order to make that happen. The thing is, since social media is always evolving, our skills need to be evolving at the same rate. 
Below we look at the skills social media managers will need in 2016 based on where the industry is heading.

By Evan Le Page - Hootsuite 

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