January 6, 2016

How to Crop Your Friends into... Porn?

Ok. First off this photo is freaking hilarious. 

My friend Emilee decided to make a quick weekend trip to visit us in Dallas, so, of course, this really did need to happen.

Prior to Emilee's arrival, we quickly labelled the upcoming weekend #EmileeDoesDallas, and Jason took it one step further with recreating the Debbie Does Dallas movie poster with Em's face.

It's always fun using photoshop skills outside of work, especially when you get to pick on those around you.

Here are a couple tips from Jason on how you, too, can crop your friends into any and all porn covers.

-The easiest way to map a new face on a photo and match the skin tone is to blur the original where no defined facial features remain and paste the new face at a lower opacity.  

-On the new face, use the burn tool on eyes, nose, lips, and teeth to add further definition.

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